Foscos Fssai Registration Renewal in India: A Comprehensive Guide via FSSAI’s Official Portal

Foscos Fssai

Introduction of Foscos Fssai Registration Renewal in India

Food businesses in India are required to renew their Foscos Fssai registration annually to ensure that they are compliant with the latest food safety regulations. The renewal process is simple and can be done online through the Foscos Fssai portal. To renew your registration, you will need to login to the portal and provide your business name, address, contact details, and other information. You will also need to pay a renewal fee.

The renewal process usually takes a few days. Once your registration is renewed, you will receive an email confirmation.

Understanding FosCoS Registration & Its Significance

Foscos Fssai is a one-stop shop for food safety compliance in India. It is an online platform that integrates all the food safety related activities of FSSAI, such as licensing, registration, inspection, and testing.

Food businesses in India can use FosCoS to:

  • Apply for and renew their registrations
  • Track the status of their applications and inspections
  • Submit food samples for testing
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest food safety regulations

Types of Registration Under Foscos Fssai:

There are two types of registrations under Foscos Fssai

Central Registration: This registration is required for food businesses that manufacture or sell food products that are regulated by the FSSAI. Example: Package food and Processed foods

State Registration: This type of registration is required for food businesses that manufacture or sell food products that are regulated by the state government. Example: Poultry and Dairy Products

Online Legal Advice from Insaaf99
Online Legal Advice from Insaaf99

Significance of renewing FosCoS Registration

Renewing your FoSCoS registration holds immense importance, as it is a vital requirement for any food business seeking lawful operation within India.

Compliance with Legal Obligations: Renewing your FoSCoS registration is not just a choice but a legal obligation. It’s mandatory for all food businesses operating in India, ensuring adherence to the regulatory framework.

Demonstrating Commitment to Food Safety: By proactively renewing your registration, you send a clear message to both customers and regulatory authorities that you prioritize and are deeply committed to food safety. It underscores your dedication to maintaining the highest standards.

Market access: Only food businesses with a valid FoSCoS registration can export their products to other countries. This means that renewing your registration can open up new markets for your business.

Staying Informed and Adapting: FoSCoS is an evolving platform that frequently updates its regulations. By renewing your registration, you ensure that you remain well-informed and adaptable to the latest food safety requirements. This proactive approach is essential for the continued success and compliance of your food business.

Eligibility Requirements of Foscos Fssai Renewal:

Food businesses registered with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) must renew their registration annually. The renewal application must be submitted before the expiry date and include the following documents:

  • A copy of the current registration certificate
  • A trade license
  • A food safety plan
  • Test results
  • A declaration of compliance with food safety regulations

Failure to renew registration may result in penalties, including fines and closure of the business.

By using FosCoS, food businesses can ensure that they are compliant with the latest food safety regulations and that they have access to the benefits that come with being a registered food business.

Steps for Registration Renewal at Foscos

  • Login to official FSSAI portal and navigate to “Renewal” and select “Apply for renewal of license/Registration
  • Only licenses and registrations that are eligible for renewal and are 120 days away from expiry will be listed. Expired licenses and registrations will not be listed.
  • The user will be taken to the Application Details page. The following fields will be editable: communication details, payment, and mandatory documents. The premises details, product selection, and registered address fields will be non-editable.
  • Upon successful payment, a receipt will be generated with a new 17-digit registration number. This number can be used to track the status of your renewal application and for other purposes.

Renewal Fees for FosCoS registration in India:

The fee structure for Foscos Fssai registration depends on the type of food business, the turnover of the business, and the category of the business as defined by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Central registration: Rs. 7500 per year

State registration: Is variable and as per the state guidelines

There is a 100 rs registration fee every year. Any duplicate license and certificate will attract 10% of applicable fee. 

The renewal fees are the same for all types of businesses. However, there are some additional fees that may apply, such as a late fee for renewing your registration after the expiry date. The above details are for information purposes only for up to date fee information, always confirm with the official FSSAI portal.

Insaaf99: Your Partner for Smooth FosCoS Renewal

Insaaf99, an online legal consultation portal, streamlines FosCoS registration renewal in India. It connects businesses with legal experts, simplifying the complex process. Insaaf99 aids in document preparation, offers timely regulatory updates, and troubleshoots common renewal challenges. Its user-friendly interface provides convenience, ensuring compliance with FSSAI regulations while saving time and effort for businesses.


Why apply FoSCos FSSAI Registration?

FosCoS registration is a legal requirement for all food businesses in India. It is also a way to demonstrate your commitment to food safety and open up new markets for your business.

What does FoSCoS stand for?

FoSCoS, stands for the Food Safety and Compliance System, represents an online platform created by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Its primary purpose is to oversee and manage food enterprises operating within India.

What is FoSCoS FSSAI registration?

FoSCoS FSSAI registration is a legal requirement for all food businesses in India. It helps to ensure food safety and can open up new markets for food businesses. The registration process is online and can be completed through the FoSCoS portal.

What is the validity period for the FSSAI FoSCos License?

A registration or license awarded according to these Regulations will remain in force, unless stated otherwise, for a duration ranging from 1 to 5 years, at the discretion of the Food Business Operator. This period is calculated from the date of issuance of the registration or license, contingent upon the payment of the relevant fee for the selected timeframe and the fulfillment of all license conditions.

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