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Loan Agreement

A Loan Agreement is a formal contract controlling the promises made by each party in a borrowing and lending relationship. It is a formal record that attests to a loan.

Legal Recovery Notice

A legal recovery notice is a method of recovering money owed to someone. The person who owes the money can’t just decide to pay up, and neither can they just write them off as insolvent (that is, unable to pay debts).

Cheque Bounce

A cheque bounce sometimes referred to as a cheque non-payment, is a serious offence in India. The offence is punishable under the Negotiable Instruments Act by a fine, a jail sentence for defaulters, or both.

Refund of Security Notices

A security deposit is a sum paid by the tenant to the landlord at the beginning of the lease. The landlord will return the money at the end of the lease or when the tenant vacates the property.

Recovery of Dues

If someone fails to recover your dues, meaning when the person fails to repay you for the services or the goods you offered. So to recover the amount that is due is called recovery of the dues.

Power of Attorney

Using a General Power of Attorney (GPA), one person can manage another person's property and make financial and legal decisions on their behalf. But is using the general power of attorney to purchase real estate safe?


What is a Will Deed? Fundamentals and How to Write One? A will deed is a formal legal document that establishes the person's estate and specifies what will happen to his possessions and assets after his death.

Rent Agreement

India, being a country with vast population and limited resources, can prove to be an expensive place to live in. For common people, it is much like an impossible task to own a property until and unless they have actually saved for more than their lifetimes.

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