How to Get Warisan Certificate in India, A Key to The Key to a Smooth Inheritance Process

Warisan Certificate

Introduction of Warisan Certificate

Inheritance dispute highlights the complexities that can arise when there is no clear will in place. The initial disagreement and subsequent court case demonstrate the challenges that can emerge among family members when it comes to dividing assets after the passing of a loved one. The Warisan Certificate is a valuable asset for families, and it can help to avoid disputes and ensure that the inheritance process is smooth and efficient.

A Warisan Certificate is an official document that verifies the rightful inheritors of a deceased individual. This certificate is granted by the local governmental body, which could be the district collector’s office or the tahsildar’s office. The Warisan Certificate is a symbol of the unbroken continuity of culture and tradition, and it is a way of ensuring that the values of our ancestors are passed onto future generations.

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Let us understand with a fictional example

Arjun and Rahul, two brothers, faced an inheritance dilemma. After the sad demise of their father without a will, they couldn’t agree on how to divide their father’s estate. Arjun, the elder brother, claimed a larger share due to his seniority, while Rahul argued that he deserved more for caring for their father in his final years.

Their dispute led to a court case, resulting in an equal split as per the judge’s ruling. Dissatisfied, they sought legal advice. The lawyer suggested they apply for a “Warisan Certificate,” establishing them as the rightful heirs.

Following the lawyer’s advice, Arjun and Rahul applied for the certificate, gathered the required documents, and received it a few weeks later. Armed with this document, they settled the inheritance fairly and amicably with mutual agreement.

A Warisan certificate can prove advantageous in below situations:

  • Facilitating the seamless transfer of property ownership to the rightful heirs.
  • Asserting entitlement to the benefits linked to a life insurance policy.
  • Establishing eligibility for pension plan benefits.
  • Facilitating the settlement of outstanding debts owed by the deceased individual.
  • Enabling the opening of a bank account in the deceased individual’s name.
  • Streamlining the process of applying for a passport or visa under the name of the deceased individual.
Online Legal Advice from Insaaf99
Online Legal Advice from Insaaf99

How to Get Legal Heir Certificate or Warisan Certificate?

Warisan certification or legal heir certificate can be obtained from a local government body or panchayat after requesting the death certificate of the deceased person from the municipality where they died.

To get a warisan certificate in India and warison certificate from panchayat, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Contact the Panchayat, local government authority in the district where the deceased person resided.

2. Request the application form for a Warisan certificate.

3. Complete the application form and attach the following documentation:

  • The death certificate of the deceased individual.
  •  Proof of identity for the applicant(s), such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter ID card, etc.
  • Proof of the applicant(s)’ relationship with the deceased individual, including marriage  certificates, birth certificates, etc.
  • An affidavit, sworn by the applicant(s), confirming their status as legal heirs of the deceased person.

4. Submit the application form and accompanying documents to the local government authority.

5. The local government authority will review the documents and typically issue the Warisan certificate within a few weeks.

Please note that the cost of obtaining a Warisan certificate may vary depending on the state. 

It is essential to verify the specific requirements and fees applicable in your state, as they may differ.

Warisan Certificate in West Bengal

Warisan certificate is a legal heir certificate which is often called a Varisu certificate in West Bengal. It is a legal document confirming the link between a deceased individual and their rightful heirs. Local authorities issue this certificate upon validating required documents and information about the deceased and their heirs. It’s a crucial document for the lawful transfer of the deceased person’s assets to their heirs.

Obtaining the warison certificate follow the same process as mentioned above after submitting the authorized application form along with required documents like 

  • The deceased person’s death certificate.
  • Proof of identity for the deceased individual.
  • Proof of identity for the legal heirs.
  • Evidence establishing the relationship between the deceased person and the legal heirs.
  • Address verification for the legal heirs.

After successful completion of the process, one can expect a legal heir certificate in around 1 month.

Warisan certificate is a legal document that certifies the legal heirs of a deceased person in India. It is important to obtain a Warisan certificate after the death of a loved one to avoid any possible dispute in claiming the inheritance. The process of obtaining a Warisan certificate can vary depending on the state or region, it is always advisable to take the help of a professional legal expert and refer to governing authorities guidelines.

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Insaaf99 Your Partner in Inheritance Journey Simplifies Obtaining Warisan Certificate

Insaaf99, an online legal consultation firm, simplifies the process of obtaining a Warisan certificate. Their expert guidance ensures that you understand the specific requirements and procedures involved. They assist in preparing the necessary documentation, help with accurate form filling, and provide guidance on submitting your application to local government authorities. Insaaf99 also offers ongoing support, tracking your application’s progress and providing updates. If any legal complexities arise, they can connect you with experienced legal professionals for personalized advice and representation. This service streamlines the often intricate process of acquiring a Warisan certificate, making it efficient and accessible for individuals.


What is the meaning of the Warisan certificate?

A Warisan certificate is a legal document that certifies the legal heirs of a deceased person in India. It is issued by the local government authority and is required for claiming the property and other assets of the deceased person.

How can I get a legal heir certificate in India?

Apply to the panchayat or local government authority in the district where the deceased person was residing. Submit the required documents, such as the death certificate, proof of identity, and proof of relationship. The authority will verify the documents and issue the legal heir certificate within a few weeks.

How can I get a Warisan certificate online in West Bengal?

It would require the application form submission to the concerning authorities along with the required documents. For getting it online and making sure you remain compliant with all the requirements, it is advisable to take the help of expert legal counsel. 

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