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Non Disclosure Agreement

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a legal contract between two or more parties, where one party agrees to keep the confidential information shared by the other party secret.

Non Compete Agreement

A non-compete agreement (NCA), also known as a restrictive covenant, is a legal contract between an employer and an employee that prohibits the employee from working for a competitor or starting their own business in competition with the employer after the employment relationship ends.

Service Agreement

A services agreement is a legal contract between two or more parties, where one party agrees to provide specific services to the other party in exchange for compensation.

Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement is a legal contract between a franchisor (the owner of a trademark or trade name) and a franchisee (an individual or company that is granted the right to use the franchisor's trademark or trade name to sell goods or services).

Partnership Deed

As businesses grow over time and demand for various services transform, the Indian law provides numerous opportunities to entrepreneurs to set up one on their own or in partnership.

Memorandum Of Understanding

A memorandum of understanding is an official agreement among two or more parties, established in accordance with the intentions of each one of them.

Joint Venture Agreement

India being a country with one of the highest populations on planet, has a massive range of businesses and industries to deal with.

Sale Deed

You might have heard of selling and buying of properties across the country, but what truly marks or officially proves the transaction between the parties is the sale deed in India.

Rent Agreement

India, being a country with vast population and limited resources, can prove to be an expensive place to live in. For common people, it is much like an impossible task to own a property until and unless they have actually saved for more than their lifetimes.

Lease/license Agreement

The growing renting services in India has led to major advancements where more and more people can afford living in the city at minimal costs.

Gift Deed

In India, we have glimpsed an endless number of inheritance instances while we have also heard of voluntary transfer of property possession.

Eviction Notice

In the present times renting is a very common service available throughout India. However, it is not a very easy task for both the parties including the landlord and their tenants, to cope up with the challenges involved.

Partition Deed

Families' real estate assets are sometimes owned by several people collectively. A partition deed or partition agreement is used when there are multiple stakeholders because it is difficult to divide or sell it owing to conflicting opinions and interests.

Relinquishment Deed

You are quite likely to possess interests in ancestral property in a faraway town. You may also no longer require that share if you have moved to another city where you own property.

Power of Attorney

Using a General Power of Attorney (GPA), one person can manage another person's property and make financial and legal decisions on their behalf. But is using the general power of attorney to purchase real estate safe?


What is a Will Deed? Fundamentals and How to Write One? A will deed is a formal legal document that establishes the person's estate and specifies what will happen to his possessions and assets after his death.

Termination Notice

Even if it might be difficult, being terminated can provide you useful chances to improve your abilities and reassess your objectives. Refer to your termination notice for further information on the specifics of your termination and the reasons behind it.

Legal Recovery Notice

A legal recovery notice is a method of recovering money owed to someone. The person who owes the money can’t just decide to pay up, and neither can they just write them off as insolvent (that is, unable to pay debts).

Cheque Bounce

A cheque bounce sometimes referred to as a cheque non-payment, is a serious offence in India. The offence is punishable under the Negotiable Instruments Act by a fine, a jail sentence for defaulters, or both.

Promissory Note

A promissory note is a written agreement in which one party, the promisee, agrees to pay another party, the promisor, a fixed sum of money at a future date. In most cases, the person will use a promissory note when they want to borrow money and repay it over time.

Loan Agreement

A Loan Agreement is a formal contract controlling the promises made by each party in a borrowing and lending relationship. It is a formal record that attests to a loan.

Refund of Security Notices

A security deposit is a sum paid by the tenant to the landlord at the beginning of the lease. The landlord will return the money at the end of the lease or when the tenant vacates the property.

Recovery of Dues

If someone fails to recover your dues, meaning when the person fails to repay you for the services or the goods you offered. So to recover the amount that is due is called recovery of the dues.

Terms Of Use

Terms and Conditions” is the document governing the contractual relationship between the provider of a service and its user. On the web, this document is often also called “Terms of Service” (ToS), “Terms of Use”, EULA (“End-User License Agreement”), “General Conditions” or “Legal Notes”.

Website Development Agreement

A contract for the development of one or more websites or web applications for a business is known as a "Website Development Contract." It reduces the scope of the services that the developer is required to provide or plans to provide to the business.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a document contained on a website that explains how a website or organization will collect, store, protect, and utilize personal information provided by its users.

Website Maintenence Agreement

Although many businesses have websites, you shouldn't just ignore them; website maintenance providers should update and maintain your website frequently. Find out why your company needs a Website Maintenance Contract.

Appointment Letter

An appointment letter is a document that officially confirms a candidate's employment. Typically, after a successful interview, the candidate is issued an offer letter. After this, the candidate gets a certain time period to review and negotiate the terms and conditions of the offer, like salary structure.

Employment Contract Agreement

An employment contract is a signed agreement between an individual employee and an employer or a labor union. It establishes both the rights and responsibilities of the two parties: the worker and the company.

Indemnity Bond

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) is a type of agreement between two (bilateral) or more (multilateral) parties. It expresses a convergence of will between the parties, indicating an intended common line of action.

Consultancy Agreement

The consultancy agreement is made between the company and consultant. It outlines the scope of work to be performed by them and other terms and conditions related to their appointment in the company.

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