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Every Death of a Patient Cannot Be Considered as Death Due to Medical Negligence: NCDRC

Pink City Heart & General Hospital v. Banarsi Devi & 2 Ors.


Medical Negligence: NCDRC

National Consumer Desputes Redressal Commission New Delhi 

First Appeal No. 1018 of 2019
(Against the Order Dates 09/05/2019 in Compaint No. 68/2016 of The State Commission Rajeshthan)

1. Pink City Heaart & General Hospital 
Plot No.34/35 VKI Area. Road No.1 Shankar 
Nager Murlipura Jaipur 
Rajesthan.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Appellant(s) 

1. Banarsi Devi & 2 ORS
   W/o (Late) Shari Jai Singh R/O 128 ParamHasns Colony. Bandhu Nagar Murlipura. Sikar RaodJaipur

2. Dana Shivm Heart And Super Speciality Hospital Jaipur 
   Plot No2. Opp Time Square Sector 2. Vidyadhar Jaipur 

3. Heart And General Hospital 

4. Vivekanad Marg. C- Scheme Sangram Colony Ashok Nager Jaipur 

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