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The Delhi High Court grants parole for two weeks to a murder convict for attending his own marriage.

Rahul Dev vs. State


Rahul Dev vs. State

The Delhi High Court has allowed a two weeks parole to a murder convict to attend his own engagement and marriage ceremony. The Petition under Article 226 of the constitution of India had been filed seeking the prayers that:- 

i. Allow the present Writ Petition and release the Petitioner on Parole for a period of four weeks for his engagement & marriage ceremony. 
ii. Pass such other or further order/orders as this Hon’ble Court may deem fit in the larger interest of justice.
The High Court observed thus:

Status report forwarded by Central Jail No. 14, Mandoli, Delhi reflects that the petitioner had availed parole w. e. f. 29.01.2024 to 05.03.2024 granted by a coordinate bench of this Court and surrendered himself on time i.e., on 06.03.2024.

In totality of the facts and circumstances, the present petition is allowed. The petitioner is granted parole for a period of two weeks from the date of his release, subject to the following conditions:— 

i. The petitioner shall furnish a personal bond in the sum of Rs.10,000/- with one surety of the like amount, to the satisfaction of the Trial Court/ Link Court. 
ii. The petitioner shall furnish the address where he shall reside during the period of parole to the Jail Superintendent, as well as the details of local Police Station in that area. 
iii. The petitioner shall report to the SHO of the local area once a week on every Sunday between 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, during the period of parole. 
iv. The petitioner shall furnish a telephone/mobile number to the Jail Superintendent as well as SHO of local police station, on which he can be contacted if required. The said telephone number shall be kept active and operational at all the times by the petitioner. 
v. Immediately upon the expiry of the period of parole, the petitioner shall surrender before the Jail Superintendent.
vi. The period of parole shall be counted from the day when the petitioner is released from jail.


Rahul Dev vs. State

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