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131A. Power to use military force for public security and maintenance of law and order.

 If the Provincial Government is satisfied that, for the public security, protection of life and property, public peace and the maintenance of law and order, it is necessary to secure the assistance of the armed forces, the Provincial Government may require, with the prior approval of the Federal Government, or the Federal Government, on the request of the Provincial Government, direct, any officer of the armed forces to render such assistance with the help of the armed forces under his command, and such assistance shall include the exercise of powers specified in sections 46 to 49, 53. 54, 55(a) and (c), 58, 63 to 67,100,102,103 and 156: Provided that such powers shall not include the powers of a Magistrate.


  1. Every such officer shall obey such requisition or direction, as the case may be, and in doing so may use such force as the circumstances may require.


In rendering assistance relating to exercise of powers specified in subsection (1), every officer shall, as far as may be, follow the restrictions and conditions laid down in the Code.

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