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167. Procedure when investigation cannot be completed in twenty-four hours.

  1. (1) Whenever any person is arrested and detained in custody, and it appears that the investigation cannot be completed within the period of twenty-tour hours fixed by section 61, and there are grounds for believing that the accusation or information is well-founded, the officer incharge of the police-station or the police-officer making the investigation if he is not below the rank of sub-inspector shall forthwith transmit to the [nearest Magistrate] a copy of the entries in the diary hereinafter prescribed relating to the case, and shall at the same time forward the accused to such Magistrate.


[Explanation:- For this purpose of this section, in the cases triable by the Executive magistrates, the expression 'nearest Magistrate' means the Executive Magistrate and in all other cases, the Judicial Magistrate.]


(2) The Magistrate to whom an accused person is forwarded under this section may, whether he has or has not jurisdiction to try the case from time to time authorize the detention of the accused in such custody as such Magistrate thinks fit, for a term not


exceeding fifteen days in the whole. If he has not jurisdiction to try the case or [send] it for trial, and considers further detention unnecessary, he may order the accused to be forwarded to a Magistrate having such jurisdiction:


Provided that no Magistrate of the third class, and no Magistrate of the second class not specially empowered in this behalf by the Provincial Government shall authorize detention in the custody of the police.


  1. A Magistrate authorizing under this section detention in the custody of the police shall record his reasons for so doing.


[(4) The Magistrate giving such order shall forward a copy of his order, with his reasons for making it, to the Sessions Judge.]


[(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in sections 60 and 61 or hereinbefore to the contrary, where the accused forwarded under subsection (2) is a female, the Magistrate shall not, except in the cases involving Qatl or dacoity supported by reasons to be recorded in writing, authorize the detention of the accused in police custody, and the police officer making in investigation shall interrogate the accused referred to in subsection (1) in the prison in the presence of an officer of jail and a female police officer.


  1. The officer incharge of the prison shall make appropriate arrangements for the admission of the investigating police officer into the prison for the purpose of interrogating the accused.


  1. If for the purpose of investigation, it is necessary that the accused referred to in subsection (1) be taken out of the prison, the officer incharge of the police station or the police officer making investigation not below the rank of Sub-Inspector, shall apply to the Magistrate in that behalf and the Magistrate may, for the reasons to be recorded in writing, permit taking of accused out of the prison in the company of a female police officer appointed by the Magistrate:


Provided that the accused shall not be kept out of the prison while in the custody of the police between sunset and sunrise.']

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