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186. Power to issue summons or warrant for offence committed beyond local jurisdiction.

  1. (1) When a [District Magistrate, a Sub-Divisional Magistrate, or, if he is specially empowered in this behalf by the Provincial Government, a Magistrate of the first class], sees reason to believe that any person within the local limits of his jurisdiction has committed without such limits (whether within or without Pakistan) an offence which cannot, under the provisions of section 177 to 184 (both inclusive), or any other law for the time being in force be inquired into or tried within such local limits, but is under some law for the time being in force triable in Pakistan such Magistrate may inquire into the offence as if it had been committed within such local limits and compel such person in manner hereinbefore provided to appear before him, and send such person to Magistrate having jurisdiction to inquire into or try such offence, or, if such offence is bailable, take a bond with or without sureties for his appearance before such Magistrate.


(2) When there are more Magistrates than one having such jurisdiction and Magistrate acting under the section cannot satisfy himself as to the Magistrate to or before whom such person should be sent or bound to appear, the case, shall be reported for the orders of the High Court.

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