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250. False frivolous or vexatious accusations.

  1. If in any case instituted upon complaint or upon information given to a police officer or to a Magistrate, one or more persons is or are accused before a Magistrate of any offence triable by a Magistrate, and the Magistrate, by whom the case is heard [....] acquits all or any of the accused, and is of opinion that the accusation against them or any of them was false and either frivolous or vexatious, the Magistrate may by his order of [....] acquittal, if the person upon whose complaint or information the accusation was made is present, call upon him forthwith to show cause why he should not pay compensation to such accused or to each or any of such accused when there are more than one, or if such person is not present direct the issue of a summons to appear and show cause as aforesaid.


(2) The Magistrate shall record and consider any cause which such complainant or informant may show and if he is satisfied that the accusation was false and either frivolous or vexatious, may, for reasons to be recorded, direct that compensation to such amount not exceeding [twenty five thousand rupees] or if the Magistrate is a Magistrate of the third class not exceeding [two thousand and five hundred] rupees, as he may determine, be paid by such complainant or informant to the accused or to each or any of them.


(2A) The compensation payable under sub-section (2) shall be recoverable as an arrear of land revenue.]


(2B) When any person is imprisoned under sub-section (2A), the provisions of section 68 and 69 of the Pakistan Penal Code shall, so far as may be. apply.]


(2C) No person who has been directed to pay compensation under this section shall, by reason of such order, be exempted from any civil or criminal liability in respect of the complaint made or information given by him:


Provided that any amount paid to an accused person under this section shall be taken into account, in awarding compensation to such person in any subsequent civil suit relating to the same matter.


  1. A complainant or informant who has been ordered under subsection (2) by a Magistrate of the second or third class to pay compensation or has been so ordered by any other Magistrate to pay compensation exceeding fifty rupees may appeal form the order, in so far as the order relates to the payment of the compensation, as if such complainant or informant had been convicted on a trial held by such Magistrate.


When an order for payment of compensation to an accused person is made, in case which is subject to appeal under sub-section (3), the compensation shall not be paid to him before the period allowed for the presentation of the appeal has elapsed, or, if an appeal is presented, before the appeal has been decided and, where such order is made in a case which is not so subject to appeal, the compensation shall not be paid before the expiration of one month from the date of the order

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