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265. Language of record and judgment

  1. (1) Record made under section 263 and judgments recorded under section 264 shall be written by the presiding officer, either in English or in the language of the Court, or, if the Court to which such presiding officer is immediately subordinate so directs, in such officer's mother-tongue.


(2) Bench may be authorized to employ clerk. The Provincial Government may authorize any Bench of Magistrates empowered to try offences summarily to prepare the aforesaid record or judgment by means of an officer appointed in this behalf by the Court to which such Bench is immediately subordinate, and the record or judgment so prepared shall be signed by each member of such Bench present taking part in the proceedings.


(3) If no such authorization be given, the record prepared by a member of the Bench and signed as aforesaid shall be the proper record.


(4) If the Bench differ in opinion, any dissentient member may write a separate judgment

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