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28. Offences under Penal Code.

  1. Subject to the other provisions of this Code any offence under the Pakistan Penal Code may be tried:


(a) by the High Court; or


  1. by the Courts of Sessions; or


  1. by any other Court by which such offence is shown in the eighth column of the second schedule to be triable; [Provided that the offences falling under Chapters VIII, X, XIII and XIV of the Pakistan Penal Code (Act XLV of 1860), except offences specified in section 153A and section 281 of the said Code, shall be tried by the Executive Magistrates and the expression 'Magistrate' used in the said eighth column shall mean Executive Magistrate of the respective class.]




A is [tried by] the Session Court on a charge of culpable homicide. He may be convicted of voluntarily causing hurt, an offence triable by a Magistrate.

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