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345. Compounding offences

(1) The offences punishable under the sections of the Pakistan Penal Code specified in the first two columns of the table next following may be compounded by the persons mentioned in the third column of that table:

(3) Where any offence is compoundable under this section, the abetment of such offence or an attempt to commit such offence (when such attempt is itself an offence) may be compounded in like manner.

(4) When the person who would otherwise be competent to compound an offence under this section is [under the age of eighteen years or is] as idiot a lunatic, any
person competent to contract on his behalf may [with the permission of the Court] compound such offence.

[(5) When the accused has been convicted and an appeal is pending, no composition for the offence shall be allowed without the leave of the Court before which the appeal is to be heard.]

[(5A)A High Court acting in the exercise of its powers of revision under section 439 [and a Court of Session so acting under section 439-A], may allow any person to compound any offence which he is competent to compound under this section.]

(6)    The composition of an offence under this section shall have the effect of an acquittal of the accused [with whom the offence has been compounded].

(7)    No offence shall be compounded except as provided by this section.

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