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348.Trial of persons previously convicted of offences against coinage, stamp law or property

  1. (1) Whoever, having been convicted of an offence punishable under Chapter XII or Chapter XVII of the Pakistan Penal Code with imprisonment for a term of three years or upwards, is again accused of any offence punishable under either of those Chapter with imprisonment for a term of three years or upwards, shall, if the Magistrate before whom the case is pending is satisfied that there are sufficient grounds [for the trial of the accused by the Court of Session or High Court, as the case may be send the accused for trial to such Court] unless the Magistrate is competent to try the case and is of opinion, that he can himself pass an adequate sentence if the accused is convicted:


Proviso [ x x x x ]


[(2) When any person is sent for trial to the Court of Session or High Court under sub-section 1), any other person accused jointly with him in the trial shall be similarly sent for trial.

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