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371. Copy of judgment, etc. to be given to accused

  1. ..... [(l) In every case where the accused is convicted of an offence, a copy of the judgment shall be given to him at the time of pronouncing the judgment, or when the accused so desires, a translation of the judgment in his own language. If practicable, or in the language of the Court, shall be given to him without delay. Such copy or translation shall be given free of cost.


Provided that this sub-section shall not apply to cases tried summarily or where the accused is convicted of an offence under any law other than the Pakistan Penal Code]


(2) [Omitted by Law Reforms Ordinance, 1972, item No. 124 (ii)].


(3) When the accused is sentenced to death by a Sessions Judge, such Judge shall further inform him of the period within which, if he wishes to appeal, his appeal should be preferred.


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