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522A. Power to restore possession of movable property.-(

.-(l) Whenever a
person is convicted of an offence of criminal mis-appropriation of property or criminal breach of trust or cheating or forgery and it appears to the Court that, by such mis-appropriation, breach of trust, cheating or forgery, any person has been dispossessed or otherwise deprived of any movable property, the Court may, if it thinks fit, when convicting such person or at any time within one month from the date of the conviction, order the person dispossessed or deprived of the property, where such property can be identified, to be restored to the possession of such property, whether such property is in the possession or under the control of the person convicted or of any other person to whom it may have been transferred for any consideration or otherwise.

(2)    Where the property referred to in sub-section (1) cannot be identified or has been disposed of by the accused so that it may not be identified, the Court may order such compensation to be paid to the person dispossessed or deprived of such property as it may determine in the circumstances of the case.

(3)    No order referred to in sub-section (1) or sub-section (2) shall prejudice any

right or interest in any movable property which any person may be able to establish in a civil suit'.

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