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530. Irregularities which vitiate proceedings.

  1. . If any Magistrate, not being empowered by law in this behalf, does any of the following things, namely:-


(a) attaches and sells property under section 88;


(b) issues a search-warrant for a letter, parcel or other thing in the Post Office, or a telegram in the Telegraph Department.


(c) demands security to keep the peace;

(d) demands security for good behaviour;

(e) discharges a person lawfully bound to be of good behaviour:

(f) cancels a bond to keep the peace;

(g) makes an order under section 133, as to a local nuisance;

(h) prohibits under section 143, the repetition or continuance of a public nuisance;

(i) issue an order under section 144;

(j) makes an order under Chapter XXII;

(k) takes cognizance under section 190, sub-section (1) clause (c), of an offence;


(I) passes a sentence, under section 349, on proceeding recorded by another Magistrate:


(m) calls under section 435, for proceedings.

(n) [ x x x x x ]

(o) revises, under section 515, an order passed under section 514:

(p) tries an offender;

(q) tries an offender summarily; or

(r) decides an appeal; his proceedings shall be void:

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