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537. Finding or sentence when reversible by reason of error or omission in charge or other proceedings

. Subject to the provisions hereinbefore contained, no finding, sentence order passed by a court of competent jurisdiction shall be reversed or altered under Chapter XXVII or on appeal or revision on account'

(a)    of any error, omission or irregularity in the complaint, report by police-officer under section 173, summons, warrant, charge, proclamation, order, judgment or other proceedings before or during trial or in any inquiry or other proceedings under this Code, or

(b)    of any error, omission or irregularity in the mode of trial, including any misjoinder of charges unless such error omission or irregularity has in fact occasioned a failure of justice.

Explanation. In determining whether any error, omission or irregularity in any proceeding under this Code has occasioned a failure of justice, the Court shall have regard to the fact whether the objection could and should have been raised at an earlier stage in the proceedings.]

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