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55. Arrest of vagabonds, habitual robbers, etc

  1. (1) Any officer in charge of a police station may, in like manner, arrest or cause to be arrested:


(a) any person found taking precautions to conceal his presence within the limits of such station, under circumstances which afford reason to believe that he is taking such precautions with a view to committing a cognizable offence; or


(b) any person within the limits of such station who has no ostensible means of subsistence, or who cannot give a satisfactory account of himself; or


(c) any person who is by repute an habitual robber, house-breaker or thief, or an habitual receiver of stolen property knowing it to be stolen, or who by repute habitually commits extortion or in order to the committing of extortion habitually puts or attempts to put person in fear of injury.

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