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554. Power of (x x) High courts to make rules for Inspection of records of subordinate courts.

  1. (1) With the previous sanction of the Provincial Government, any High Court may from time to time, make rules for the inspection of the records of subordinate Courts.


(2) Power of other High Courts to make rules for other purposes. Every High Court may, from time to time, and with the previous sanction of Provincial Government:


(a) make rules for keeping all books, entries and accounts to be kept in all Criminal Courts subordinate to it and for the preparation and transmission of any returns or statements to be prepared and submitted by such Courts:


(b) frame forms for every proceeding in the said Courts for which it thinks that a form should be provided:


(c) make rules for regulating its own practice and proceedings and the practice and proceedings of all Criminal Courts subordinate to it; and


(d) make rules for regulating the execution of warrants issued under this Code for the levy of fines:


Provided that the rules and forms made and framed under this section shall not be inconsistent with this Code or any other law in force for the time being.

(3) All rules made under this section shall be published in the official Gazette.


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