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565. Order for notifying address of previously convicted offender.

  1. (1) When any person having been convicted:


(a) by a Court in Pakistan of an offence punishable under section 215, section 489A, section 489B, section 489C, or section 489D of the Pakistan Penal Code, or of any offence punishable under Chapter XII or Chapter XVII of the Code, with imprisonment of either description for a term of three years or upward; or


(b) X X X X is again convicted of any offence punishable under any of those sections or Chapters with imprisonment for a term of three years or upwards by a High Court, Court of Sessions, [District Magistrate, Sub-Divisional Magistrate] or Magistrate of the first class, such Court or Magistrate may, if it or he thinks fit, at the time of passing sentence of [....] imprisonment on such person, also order that his residence and any change of or change of or absence from such residence after release be notified as hereinafter provided for a term not exceeding five years from the date of the expiration of such sentence.


(2) If such conviction is set aside on appeal or otherwise, such order shall become void.


(3) The Provincial Government may make rules to carry out the provisions of this section relating to the notification of residence or change of or absence from residence by released convicts.


(4) Any person charged with a breach of any such rule may be tried by a Magistrate of competent jurisdiction in the district in which the place last notified by him as his place of residence is situated.

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