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78. Warrant may be directed to land-holders, etc.

  1. (1) A District Magistrate or Sub- Divisional Magistrate may direct a warrant to any landholder, farmer or manager of land within his district or sub-division for the arrest of any escaped convict, proclaimed offender or person who has been accused of a non-bailable offence, and who has eluded pursuit.


(2) Such landholder, farmer or manager shall acknowledge in writing the receipt of the warrant, and shall execute it if the person for whose arrest it was issued, is in, or enters on, his land or farm, or the land under his charge.


(3) When the person against whom such warrant is issued is arrested, he shall be made over with the warrant to the nearest police-officer, who shall cause him to be taken before a Magistrate having jurisdiction in the case, unless security is taken


under section 76.

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