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My experience is very good , the book slot price is very low eventually the lawyer is very good to help my problem and insaaf99 is very good plateform they consider your problem and respond very fast



The experience was really very good and the lawyer really help a lot to clear a lot of doubts.

Avinash Verma

As a client I must say lawyers was really kind and helpful.He was there to clear my every single doubt, while also keeping my updated every step of the way

Tushar Verma

The lawyer gave me right guidance related my legal issue. I am really Thankful to insaaf99 team members to their cordinate between me and the lawyer.i am very happy for giving me best service. I highly recommend Insaaf99 to other's who really need best guidance related to legal issues.

Ashish Gosian

My experience was very good. The lawyer i spoke to was from Allahabad court. He gave me directions on how to proceed in my case.I am very satisfied.

Indu Choudhary

"Excellent online consultation and that too at any time. What amazing technology! Now I have the app saved on my phone and I can call and talk to a lawyer at any time. I have already topped up my account with 60 minutes."

Avinash Chaudhary

(Own Business)

"I am super impressed with insaaf99 24/7 technology to talk to a Lawyer. I spoke to three lawyers on my issue and they are thoroughly professional and prompt. They provide me best way to come out through my problem."

Deepak Saxena


"It was a great experience consulting on insaaf99. I call at wee hours and was able to speak to a learned lawyer; I am really impressed with the amazing 24/7 service where anyone can clarify their doubts about their legal consultation at any time."

Rashmi Morya

(Real Estate Manager)

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